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The internet site is published by the company, SNC OIA, part of the AUCHAN group, and has a capital of 1,200,000 euros with headquarters located at rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny – 59170 CROIX; it is registered with the Lille Metropole corporate and trade register, number B 421 982 745.

Publication director is manager Jean-Denis Deweine.

The website is hosted by the multimedia company, Business Services, 106 rue du temple – 75003 – Telephone number: +33 (0)1 53 90 85 00

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The content of this site is provided for information purposes only. SNC OIA will not be held responsible for possible inaccurate, incomplete or unavailable information.

Consequently, the user acknowledges that he is exclusively responsible for the use of this information.

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    2. Private life

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Users with personal (not commercial) websites may add simple links to their site connecting directly to the homepage of this site; the website,, belonging to SNC OIA, will then open in a new, separate window. However, such a linkage does not imply any implicit affiliate agreement. SNC OIA reserves the right to ban any link from a site featuring content deemed to be inappropriate without being held liable in any way whatsoever.

In all instances, any link, even if tacitly approved, must be withdrawn at the request of SNC OIA.

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